Sometimes We Sail With The Wind
 and Sometimes Against it -
But Sail We Must!
Peter Politis
The Person 
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The Family Man:
Happily married with his wife Linda where they have been a growing family since 1990. 
Peter and Linda have three children:
And four Grand Children:
The Character:
Living by the adage, "if you want there to be a difference in the world, then sometimes you have to become that difference", Peter firmly stands by a core set of values; honour, integrity, a solid word, honesty, compassion, and loyalty. 
A lifetime Christian, the word of God and faith are at the foundation of what Peter stands for.  He's a committed family man who believe family values are being lost today and takes pride in championing the need to reverse that trend.  Often doing favours for others with the simple request to do someone a favour in return, Peter believes strongly in the virtues of good behaviour attracting more good behaviour.
A self professed "agent of change", Peter believes that to go from being good to great one must always be rethinking themselves and their environment - That it takes extraordinary actions to acheive extraordinary result.  He sees life as a book each of us writes and that the best books are those with a multitude of chapters all with their own trials, tribulations and excitement.  Peter is proud of the many chapters in his book of life where he has played an important role in creating progressive change and appreciates the many others where he his character has been tested.
Peter's character can be summed up the best by the passage he has chosen underneath his picture throughout this website that reads, "sometimes we sail with the wind and sometimes against it - but sail we must".
The Outdoor Enthusiast & Northerner
Peter is a passionate northerner who celebrates the northern way of life at every opportunity.  He has been championing the growth and development of the North for years and is committed to doing his part to organize and drive northern interests.
Peter loves the outdoors and all that nature has to offer.  Enjoying hunting, fishing, riding snowmobiles and ATV's, while appreciating both the risks and rewards of being outdoors in extreme conditions.
He lives on a hobby ranch in the country and loves the fact that he gets the best of both worlds this way.  He values amenities like:
The Worker
Peter is a notoriously hard worker.  Between his consulting practice, his role as mayor, and living in the country on his horse farm, Peter routinely goes well over 100 hours per week.  After that he volunteers his time to the community where he can.
It is common place to see Peter in his suit and tie operating a backhoe between meetings, or in his dress pants with a construction workers belt on building on his property, or attending a formal function while in the very next hour, dressed in work clothes and cooking on the beach for another function.
When given a project or responsibility, Peter routinely sacrifices to commit the time needed to get the best result or outcome.  He is proud and determined to meet the expectations of that pride.
Being raised by immigrants who worked hard to get by every day, he's learned that being independent and self reliant is a virtue in life.  These are values Peter tries to instill in his family and values by which he tries to lead by example.
The Second Generation Immigrant
Born to Greek immigrants, Peter's is a first generation Greek Canadian.  His parents lineage can be seen in Peter's personality and character.  His mother is an Athenian known for their philosophical traits, while his father is a Spartan known for their unparalleled bravery and fighting traits.  Those who know Peter best say he is a mix of both his Parents.  Philosophical with a fighting spirit.  He is also a Gemini so the split personality seems to be a dominant theme.
Peter is extremely proud of his Greek heritage and has taken an affinity to Greek history.  When he and his brothers get together, some say it's like watching a greek history lesson, but in the likes of Plato, Soccaratise and Aristotle in that famous platonic way - with a lot of passionate yelling, all while passing each other the "keftethes" (hors d'oeuvres).
In the famous battle of Thermopylae when King Xerxes and his one million Persian soldiers yelled to King Leonidas and his 300 Spartan soldiers, "lay down your weapons and live", King Leonidas replied in ancient Greek in defiance of the staggering odds as only a Spartan could with, "Malon Labe" - translated, "if you want them, come and get them!".
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The Person
The Volunteer
The Professional
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