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Peter Politis
The Community Volunteer 
From recreation, to community sports, to search and rescue, and to being awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for volunteerism, Peter is a tireless volunteer for the community having committed literally thousands of hours to recreation alone in recent years to do his part in making his community a better place to live.  This page clearly demonstrates his ties and commitment to the community he lives in and passionately believes in.
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Peter was and continues to be a key proponent to the resurrection of the recreation program in Cochrane.  Upon becoming a member with the previous Recreation Committee in April of 2007, Peter and the rest of the Committee embarked upon a courageous and bold new direction that saw the Town Recreation Program grow from a deficit position to having a net worth of $70,000 in cash and assets in under two years.  This continues to grow today.  As well, the local Regional Constellation Economic Impact Model that is used by community leaders across the region to identify economic impact, estimates that when all is said and told the recreation campaign described below generated the following for the community:
As a member of the previous Recreation Committee, Peter committed countless hours to helping create the community's first comprehensive recreation plan in quite some time.  Bringing his background in management and planning, Peter assisted in effectively detailing the ambitious goals and budgets for each exercise.  Together they made a concerted effort to re-energize the volunteer work force in the community from a sporadic handful, to a committed and vibrant force of over one hundred.  The following are some of the initiatives Peter was involved with in the recreation program resurgence efforts at the begining:
Some other volunteer recreation initiatives Peter was involved with include:
Community Sports
As a father of an eleven year career hockey player, Peter has dedicated countless hours in the local arena and in other regional arenas, with many other kids and parents both supporting and coaching hockey.  He has dedicated every weekend in that eleven year span to his son's interest in hockey, while also being a mentor and role model for the many other children who he's coached.  Peter believes hockey is a great medium for teaching children the values and attributes that will serve them well in their development.  As a coach, Peter would frequently go above and beyond what was required, dedicating extra time to providing his players opportunities at spending time together away from the rink learning about and enjoying our outdoor northern way of life.
Search & Rescue
As a member of the Ontario Search and Rescue Volunteer Association, Peter has dedicated a great deal of time and resources to training and certification programs like, survival training, first aid, health assessment, search and rescue techniques, mapping and navigation.  On his own time and cost, he's effectively prepared himself to be in a position to offer assistance to the Police and other families in need.  
Paid Volunteer Projects
Through his company and at a reduced rate 1/4 his normal rate, Peter coordinated the Cochrane Community Adjustment Committee who studied Cochrane’s current social and economic state and drafted a report of some thirty-nine recommendations for adjustment to Mayor and Council. The CAC believes that the report recommendations are thoroughly supported by research and position the community well for the challenges ahead. 
The Cochrane Community Adjustment Committee (CAC) was a committee started in partnership with the Ministry of Training Colleges & Universities (MTCU), the Cochrane & Area Community Development Corporation, and the Town Of Cochrane.  It commenced in November of 2008 and was mandated to evaluate Cochrane’s social and economic condition, while making recommendations on how to make any necessary adjustments to prepare the community for the future.  Fourteen members of key sectors in our community participated on the Committee and worked tirelessly on developing the tools our leadership, citizens, and service groups can use to not only help Cochrane survive the current challenges of the day, but to position Cochrane well for the challenges of the next century.
Peter has not slowed down since his early years into volunteering.  Amidst running a private consulting practice, spending upwards of 80 hours a week as Mayor and maintaining his hobby ranch in the country, he continues to take an active role in community recreation, special events and economic development.   Now acting as Chair of the Recreation Board he championed to develop, he also participates on the Winter Carnival and Summer Fest Committees, while also sitting on several other community Boards and Committees. 
Click here to review a complete resume of Peter's volunteer activities...
The Volunteer
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