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Peter Politis
The Professional
Municipal and Provincial Politics

Mayor of the Municipality of Cochrane  |  Cochrane, Ontario Canada
October 2010 to present.
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Peter has developed a reputation of being an actively involved Mayor with a passion for defending northern interests and building a growth orientated future.  ... Read More |Open C.V.
Candidate for Member of Provincial Parliament  |  Timiskaming-Cochrane Ontario Riding, Canada
April 2013 to present.

"Peter understands the priorities for a brighter future for Northern Ontario and knows how to create the type of game changing policy needed in that part of the province that will make his riding become an important part of  leading our province back to prosperity. - Tim Hudak Party Leader 

Private Entrepreneur and Businessman

President For Evergreen Innovative Strategies  |  Cochrane, Ontario Canada,
June 1996 to present.
Petlin Creative Property Management  |  Cochrane, Ontario Canada, 
August 2000 to present.
Proprietor of Petlin Backhoe Services  |  Cochrane, Ontario Canada,
June 2010 to present.
Peter's unique insights, experiences and entrepreneurial spirit a valuable resource and demonstrable through a wide array of applications.   ...Read More  |  Open C.V.
Professional Manager
Natural Resource Industry  |  Ontario and British Columbia, Canada,
1988 to 1995.
Peter has held several managerial positions and was responsible for multi-million dollar budgets responsible for hundreds of employees.   ... Open C.V.
The Professional
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