Peter Politis

News & Media

Peter’s diverse background and experiences, coupled with his regional advocacy and promotion of the northern way of life, have made him widely recognizable and placed him directly in the media spotlight.  His strength of communication and language can be seen throughout his public speaking opportunities and media involvement.

Here are some examples of Peter’s media and public speaking work.

Sometimes We Sail With the Wind and Sometimes Against it

But Sail We Must!

Some Papers

Coming of Age - Remodeling First Nation and Industrial Consultations

Peter Politis challenges conventional thinking around consultations with the indigenous community, while drawing on practical understandings that facilitate success.

Strategic Turning Point for Ontario's Forest Economy

Peter Politis speaks to the largest threat to Ontario's Forest Economy, environmental extremism and activist politics that over shadow a world renowned forest management and environmental system.

Challenging Conventional Thinking on Indigenous Expectations

Peter provides unique insight to the evolution of indigenous affairs and the need for both the indigenous and non-indigenous communities to understand adjustments required to discover opportunity together.

A LOOMING CRISIS FOR MUNICIPALITIES... the Next Municipal Opportunity?

Finding opportunity in the potential chaos of a looming workforce shortage in Northern Ontario. Is your municipality ready?

Power to the People?... Really!

Peter speaks to how the phrase “power to the people” really needs to be more than just a political slogan, if we are to evolve how municipalities engage their most precious resource, the community, to discover unexpected opportunity

Municipal Governments: A Financial & Thinking Paradox

Modern Municipal governments face barriers their predecessors never did and their future viability is directly related to how well they evolve their thinking and culture.

Preferring not to allow himself to be boxed in on ideology or thinking, Peter has no political affiliation.  He ran for the Progressive Conservatives in 2014 because he saw it as an opportunity to escalate the type of regional change he advocates for and help Northern Ontario become a bigger part of a better Ontario.

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