Peter Politis

The Professional

Sometimes We Sail With the Wind and Sometimes Against it

But Sail We Must!

Peter’s professional career has been an exciting journey of diverse experiences spanning the private, corporate, entrepreneurial and public sectors.  This diversity has resulted in the development of a unique and dynamic background ranging from executive management in the commercial sector to lead governance roles in government, as well as decades on the ground level gaining unique understandings in advancing Indigenous affairs.

From Executive roles, his many entrepreneurial endeavours, his political accomplishments, his private management consulting practice, to his valuable achievements with Indigenous communities, he has left his mark as a critical thinker, change agent and community builder.


The Strategist & Negotiator

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Founder & Principal | 1996 to Present

A management consulting practice specializing in advanced strategic thinking for all levels of government, commercial enterprise and indigenous affairs, founded on modern, progressive, out of the box thinking.   For decades, For Evergreen Innovative Strategies has been a change agent who has developed a reputation for challenging conventional thinking and finding success where least expected.  Its non-conventional and innovative thinking has helped it’s clients discover success through some of the most challenging and complicated circumstances, by helping them see the discovery that lies beyond the barriers.  

  • Negotiated several land mark agreements between Aboriginal, industrial and political interests valued between $30 million and $450 million.
  • Written several business plans, strategic plans and negotiating plans form ground level to multi-million dollar manufacturing.
  • Introduced an evolved municipal political and operational thinking to lead one of the most actively developing communities in the region, to create nine jobs for every job lost, while maintaining some of the lowest property taxes.
  • Facilitated and mediated several conflicts to mutual resolution.
  • Developed a variety of training and development assignments.
  • Written Papers on Indigenous consultation and awareness around the negative impacts of extremism on natural resource development.
  • Developed custom Indigenous consultation programs, including an innovative protocol that sees the indigenous community issue certificates verifying the consultation itself.
  • Developed a municipal economic recovery plan including an innovative economic health monitoring and reaction tool.
  • Advises municipalities, governments, industry and joint ventures on navigating the mine field ahead of the many opportunities associated to indigenous affairs.

Municipality of Cochrane, Ontario Canada

Mayor | October 2010 to December 2018

  • Guiding the community of about 6,000 through one of the most robust growth curves in the region.
  • Successive economic booms during development of the largest gold mine in North America, along with the unprecedented super cycle in forestry feeding the two world class mills in Cochrane;
  • Resurrected a failed Forestry plant representing the community’s largest employer through an innovative economic development tool created through Peter’s guidance, that lead into the secondary boom.
  • Taken the municipality through two organizational reviews that saw the complete rethinking of the structure, the culture and the functionality of the operation.  Some key highlights included:
    • Breaking down the long time historical silos and inherent small town cliques;
    • Establishing long term plans that guided the actual development of the Town’s under utilized water front at Lake Commando;
    • The redesign of streets and creation of trials between lakes and community assets that will promote cycling, walking and enjoyment of our natural outdoor beauty;
    • and the creation of sound, modern, strategic and long term financial planning. 
  • Realizing efficiencies and significant financial savings, while changing the culture to be an enabling one focused on the needs of the community at large versus those of influence.
  • Redefined the governance and management model by shifting the historic administrative thinking to that of bigger entrepreneurial thinking, and redefining the relationships .
  • Governing some of the lowest tax rates and costs per man comparably in the region, while creating a 24% real estate growth environment which is comparable to the large five cities in the northern Ontario. 
  • Active in the creation of the Mayors’ Coalition for Affordable Policing; the Northern Advisory Committee for the Northern Growth Plan, and the New Deal lobby against the divestment of the regions only rail service.
  • Presided over an economy that created nine jobs for every job lost.
  • Lead one of the most actively developing communities in North Eastern Ontario, while maintaining some of the lowest property taxes.
  • Led the community through a renaissance of social development around modern, leading edge social and recreational asset development including:
    • multi-million dollar Arts & Culture Pavilion and water front development 90% paid for outside of the tax levy;
    • the only free bike share program in Ontario seeing bike depots around the community where anyone can borrow a bicycle anytime;
    • other arts and cultural focused drivers such as pop-up pianos and free book share;
    • and the development of social and recreational assets representing five times more than any other asset group including health and education, placing the small community in a strong strategic attraction and retention position.

Peter developed a reputation of being an actively involved, critical thinking Mayor that would challenge conventional thinking, with a passion for defending northern interests and building a growth orientated future.

Candidate for Member of Provincial Parliament

Timiskaming-Cochrane, Ontario Riding | April 2013 to April 2015

  • Nominated as the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario candidate for the 2014 provincial election. 
  • Running under the banner of “Rethinking The North Together” Peter aimed to bring game changing policy to the region that would see key advancements such as; local decision making reforms, resource revenue sharing, opening access to lakes and outdoor recreation, opening parks, protecting  the northern way of life and and building agriculture into a third economic pillar.  
  • As a rookie candidate Peter drove the adoption of a new policy surrounding the controversial issue of a Spring Bear Hunt at the PC Policy Convention where over 900 delegates from all over the province participated.  His policy not only got adopted, but received the highest support of any other policy during the convention.
  • Peter’s goal was to get into the provincial decision making room and influence policy to see the North create value for itself through planning it’s place in the provincial social and economic recovery.  While he doesn’t necessarily line up with any particular political party, this was an opportunity to expedite the Region’s development and the PC Party at the time provided the best opportunity to accomplish this.

"Peter understands the priorities for a brighter future for Northern Ontario and knows how to create the type of game changing policy needed in that part of the province that will make his riding become an important part of  leading our province back to prosperity.”

Tim Hudak, Party Leader

The Politician

The Entrepreneur

Petlin Creative Property Management

August 2000 to Present

A residential and commercial property business center

  • Buys, sells and manages properties for his private portfolio.
  • Includes office, commercial and residential property.

Principal, Petlin Backhoe Services

June 2010 to Present

A residential and commercial property business center

  • Buys, sells and manages properties for his private portfolio.
  • Includes office, commercial and residential property.

Not for Profit, For Profit and Governance Boards

2008 to Present

  • Search & Rescue Volunteer Association
  • Chair, Commando Park Development Committee;
  • Director, Cochrane & Area Development Corporation;
  • Director, Northern Ontario Wires;
  • Director, Cochrane Telecom Service;
  • Director, Cochrane District Social Planning Council;
  • Director, Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board;
  • Chair, Cochrane Police Services Board;
  • Northern Growth Plan Northern Advisory Committee;
  • Chair, Mayor’s Growth Transition Committee;
  • Director, North Eastern Ontario Municipal Association;
  • Chair, Mayors’ Coalition on Affordable, Sustainable & Accountable Policing;
  • Three time Chair, Cochrane Recreation and Special Events Board;
  • Five time Chair, Cochrane Winter Carnival Committee;
  • Three time Chair, Cochrane Summer Fest Committee;
  • Three time Chair, Cochrane Volunteer Recognition Board.
  • Chair – Cochrane Welcoming Committee;

The Board Executive